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Hi Matthew

Here is the latest draft of our first episode.

There’s a section about 25 seconds in which is then repeated around 16 minutes in.

If there is anything you’d like changing, even if it’s the whole thing, just let me know, we can easily change it. Also, let me know your thoughts on keeping the content the same for each section or whether there is anything different worth adding.

If you have a chance to listen to the whole thing, i’d love to hear any thoughts you have on the episode overall. Particularly anything that could be improved.

Final cheeky favour to ask - if you could leave the show a rating and review on iTunes or any other podcast outlet it makes a huge difference. If you could spread the word to get a few extra reviews around your network that would be fantastic.

Hope everything is going well. Let me know if you’re heading back up north anytime soon, it would be great to catch up.