Launching next month!

It’s getting increasingly exciting as we prepare for launch. The nerves are starting to creep in as we draw ever closer to the inevitably brutal feedback that could come if our mothers are the only people to download this. On reflection there are a few comparisons with those days and weeks before you release a new song.

Given the guests and content we have lined up, we’re optimistic that their quality will outshine any of our shortcomings, as we learn our new craft as podcast hosts, editors, etc.  Once we get our approval back from the Apples and Stitchers of the podcasting world, we’ll announce an official launch date, which for now we’ll just call November...which is pretty darn soon!

As we steam toward launch, some of the most recent learnings have come in the form of background noise. Back stage at a gig can be an ideal location for a face to face to face recording, however as many of you will know, not all back stage areas were created equally, and most definitely don’t all come fully equipped with a sombrero hat and a series of empty shelves denoting the recent presence of semolina. They also certainly do not all have sound proof walls and a lock on the door, which in fairness are both probably a good thing.

Never one to shy away from giving me a challenge, when Ben has recorded interviews with just himself and a guest, he’s managed to thrown in a variety of other things from babies crying, to wind (so much wind). Fear not though, these instances are few and far between.

That’s it for now. I’ll post some more details about the launch soon.