We are live!

It’s finally here! About six months in the making, a lot of preparation, some brilliant conversations with some brilliant people and we’ve launched!!

I sit writing this looking at our doughnut chart of countries where all of you lovely listeners come from, which is really exciting. Having had concerns that only our Mams and (at a push) better halves would download this, I thought I’d send a big welcome and thank you to those of you in our new community from:

·         India

·         Ireland

·         Netherlands

·         Canada

·         United Arab Emirates

·         United States of America

·         Italy

·         Qatar

·         Finland

·         Russia

·         Singapore

·         United Kingdom

Whilst the bulk of you are from our home shores of the UK (which was to be expected initially), it’s really great to see people from across the world getting involved. We’d love to hear your thoughts so far. You can get in touch via email (info@acpgmusic.com) or social media.

That’s it for now, as I continue to edit down some of Ben’s waffle in the forthcoming episodes.

Speak soon.