Things are starting to happen!

The last couple of months have certainly been a learning curve as we've started to build the podcast. In many ways it's not without similarities of our first couple of months in a band, in that we're starting out as complete novices.

I remember our first ever practice session as a band. We rocked up to the practice rooms with our instruments knowing that we wanted to make something people would want to listen to, but without knowing pretty much anything else. Did the room have something to plug the mic into? I remember thinking that the point at which we rang up to book the room would have been the optimal time to ask such a question, and there was now opportunity to look rather stupid. I needn't have worried. There were going to be plenty of opportunities for me to look stupid in the coming years. You just need to learn from them.

So here we are again, just with slightly different equipment, although this time with what I'd like to think is a far more structured plan. Are there still plenty of opportunities for me to do something stupid and make some howling mistakes...of course there are. I just bank on Ben making more than me.

The first part of being at least slightly more prepared for this endeavour was to have a more professional image and also some semblance of structure to what we are doing. Starting out with a decent logo / brand, having a good website along with a well-articulated pitch about who we are and what we're doing is certainly helping us to attract some good early interest and excellent guests. My repetitive reminders to Ben to re-read his emails also appear to be paying dividends. For anyone who has ever received an SMS message from him will be aware, predictive text is not his friend.

Now don't get me wrong, there are still some bits that we're winging and learning as we go, which can be part of the fun, but it feels like we're on the right track.

As I write this we're building up a bank of episodes before we launch. We want to make sure we can maintain an episode each week whilst we're building up our reputation. So far we've got Paul Smith from Maximo Park, Sari Delmar from Concorde Records and Mr B the gentleman rapper recorded and edited, with lots more scheduled in.

Speak soon. James


James Redhead