How do I promote my music? The back story

No matter how you measure success, every band and solo artists will need to do some level of promotion in order to achieve their goals. It has become clear to us, that before diving straight in to figure out how to best use social media to gain as many followers as possible, there is an important step before this. In episode 005 we spoke to Sari Delmar, a successful music publicist, about the importance of building up your back story. This was followed by Dr Mark Duffett in episode 007 where we covered ideas and values.

At the core of the message, there is no point in trying to promote yourself, if you have nothing to promote. There needs to be some engaging content that will set you apart from the massive amount of other acts out there trying to do the same thing.

Click here for the full article which should act as a good starting point as you start to build a body of material that you can really shout about.

Keep it up


James Redhead