Season 2 Planning

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, so here’s a quick update on what’s been going on in ACPG land since season 1 ended…

In short…Interviews! Lots of interviews with more great guests. We’re building up another enticing blend of established artists, new talent and industry experts. The slight break in preparing episodes has also freed our time to get out and see more live music recently which only fuels our passion for what we’re doing.

So what can you expect from season 2? A format change for starters! The idea will be to have a collection of episodes that focus in on one topic. What that means is that while we interview loads of people from all corners of the music industry covering a multitude of topics, we’ll pick out the relevant parts and consolidate that content into an episode on say touring, or festivals for example.

Fear not though, if we’ve interviewed someone you love or find really interesting, we’ll still release the full version of our discussion within them for you to enjoy.

There’s lots of other things we have planned, which we’ll keep under wraps for now. As we start to think about our own goals and targets for season 2, why not recap on one of our most popular episodes from season 1 where Frank Turner talked about how he measures his success as a musician?

Keep sending us your suggestions and feedback at and if you can spare a few minutes to give us a rating and review wherever you get your podcasts from, it massively helps the show.

Speak soon.


James Redhead