How to learn the guitar...


Here at ACPG we’re proud to announce our first partner, MGR music. Like us, they have a passion for helping aspiring musicians on their musical journey whether it be the early baby steps of learning an instrument for the first time, through to gaining a real level of proficiency. They don’t just stop at guitar either, in their words… helps you to find fantastic professional music teachers in your area. It is a thriving community of experienced music teachers, all keen to help you to master an instrument of your choice. Offering everything from guitar, singing, piano and drum lessons to more unusual instruments we welcome students of all learning abilities - including beginners to get in touch. You can find out more about how we can help you to rapidly learn to play music by visiting…

We’ve already recorded a couple of great interviews for season 2 with some of the MGR team both from the angle of learning an instrument, as well as becoming a teacher, so look out for those in the new year.

So whether it’s for yourself, or maybe a last minute Christmas present (come on men particularly, we all know that we leave these things to the last minute!) finding great music tuition has never been easier with fantastic teachers right across the UK.

Check them out and have yourselves an amazing festive period.

All the best


James Redhead