Season 1 Draws to a close. What’s next?

We set out on this journey with an initial goal in mind…could we create a podcast? 9 months on, and we’re now confident in saying yes! We’ve been able to secure some great guests, build a website, edit the audio, publish to podcast apps, put out a weekly show and build up a (global!) audience.

In essence, we’ve nailed the basics. Given our experience, we’re massively enthused to continue the podcast. That however, requires improvements. We want to grow the show, refresh the format and deliver an all-round slicker experience.

To do that, we’ll be taking a break from releasing weekly episodes, so Season 1 will be coming to an end at Episode 40. We certainly won’t be sitting with our feet up, as we’ve already recorded one interview and have multiple guests lined up for season 2.

A massive thanks to all of our guests and to every one of our listeners.

Keep supporting upcoming artists and keep tuned in for what we have in store.



James Redhead