Top 5 Festival Gems

Is the topic of discussion for the recent podcast appearance that Ben made on Hardcore Listing with the hosts Chris and Stu.

What is Hardcore Listing? It’s pretty simple, in their own words…

“Hardcore Listing with Chris & Stu is our weekly podcast on Scroobius Pip’s Distraction Pieces Network where we get (trick) musicians, comedians, celebrity chefs, radio and TV personalities to visit our bar and pick their top 5’s on a chosen subject.”

I couldn’t make the recording, however as Ben and myself have shared a number of the festival experiences he talks about, this was a nice trip down memory lane for me to listen to from a time in our lives when Strongbow for breakfast seemed perfectly reasonable. It also entertained me that Beck got a mention, who along with the likes of Faithless and REM, are some classical festival gems he missed out on!

Anyway, it’s a great listen. Check out the episode here (for Apple users, but it’s available everywhere)…

Ready for the festival season yet?

In Season 2 we’re going to have a dedicated episode on festivals as they’re just so darn wonderful. If you liked this Hardcore Listing episode, be sure to check out others from wherever you get your podcasts from. Chris and Stu are top chaps and will appreciate it loads.