ACPG 045: Record Deals

This week the topic is the record deal, once the main target for all aspiring musicians. With musicians now having the ability to record music easily themselves, what is the role of the record company today? Are they still as appealing as they once were?

We’ve loads of great artists on the show this week…Jon Newman, Neville Staple, She Drew The Gun, The Sheepdogs, Jimmy Eat World and We Are Scientists.

From the industry perspective, a big chunk of the conversation is with Keith Armstrong, who co-founded Kitchenware Records back in 1982 and therefore has bags of experience in this field. Having supported acts such as the Lighthouse Family and Editors, today (among others) Keith spends a large chunk of his time managing Jake Bugg. With views on what a record company and record label should be, there’s some great content in this episode.

Ben with Keith at the Bacchus in Newcastle

Ben with Keith at the Bacchus in Newcastle

In season 1 we spoke to an ex-label owner Pete Dale. Be sure to check out episodes 14 and 15 for more great content on this topic.

Have you had good or bad experiences regarding a record deal? As an artist is it something you still want today? We’d love to hear from you.

The good cause for this week comes from Keith Armstrong and is the Robin Hoodie Foundation setup by Jake Bugg.

Thanks for tuning in. Keep supporting up coming artists.


James Redhead