ACPG 046: Releasing Your Music

After discussing the record deal route last week, here we focus on releasing music yourself. It’s easier than ever to record music, but how do you release it?

There is so much to consider in getting ready to release your music to the world. DO you pay to get it professionally mastered? Who will you choose for distribution to get it on market places like iTunes , Google and every other major downloading site? When should you release music - years after picking up your instrument, or straight away? Do I want to / should I licence my music? The list goes on.

Zach Hangauer started his own record label, Range Life, back in 2005. Based in Kansas, USA, this company ran up until 2012 so Zach has quite a bit of experience releasing music. Among other things, he now runs the popular website which is aimed at helping up comng artists navigate their way from having a piece of music recorded, to having it playing in the ears of music fans. This made him a great fit for our show.

Zach Hangauer

Zach Hangauer

Have you released music yourself? What went well and what were the pitfalls? We’d love to hear from you.

The good cause for this week comes from Zach which is the ACLU.

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