ACPG 041: Season 2 Intro

We’re back for season 2 of the show! A new format brings you loads of fantastic guests all talking about specific music topics such as song writing, festivals, marketing, record deals, playing live and more.

 All of the content is designed to help musicians and bands take their career to the next level as well as giving fans a behind the scenes look at the music business.

This season has insights from industry experts from major UK festivals such as Kendal Calling and Blue Dot, record companies like Kitchenware Records and new tech companies like GigRev.

When it comes to musicians we’ve got members from top bands like The Killers, Bare Naked Ladies, Editors, Jimmy Eat World and great solo artists like Jon Newman and Laurel.

To get you in the mood, here are your hosts Ben and James talking a little more about what is in store as well as sharing a few little teasers…

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James Redhead