Cookie Policy

Our website is powered by SquareSpace. The following information details the cookies that are used to deliver the website experience…

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on a device. Cookies can improve your visitors’ browsing experience because they help websites remember preferences and understand how people use different features.

Functional and Required Cookies

Squarespace uses some necessary cookies because they allow visitors to navigate and use key features on your site. These cookies vary from site to site depending on the features it uses. For example, Functional and Required Cookies help these types of features work (note that things like shopping cart aren’t applicable to our website):

The following lists out all of the functional cookies used by Squarespace that are required to run our website...

Essential Cookies.JPG

Analytics and Performance Cookies

Squarespace use Analytics and Performance cookies to collect information on our behalf about how visitors interact with our site. Storing these cookies is how Squarespace populate the data that we use within Squarespace Analytics, such as traffic sources and unique visitors that help us determine which parts of the site are popular or which aren’t working. Below is a list of analyitics and performance cookies that we have disabled these unless you click OK to our cookie banner…

Analyitics Cookies.JPG