Episode 004

Ross Millard - The Futureheads


Set lists, recording, external perspectives, record labels and being allowed to fail

In this episode we continue in the pub with Ross Millard for the second part of this double header.

Ben's most blurry effort to date. I'm certainly not going to mention chins, much.

Ben's most blurry effort to date. I'm certainly not going to mention chins, much.


Here we move onto set lists, recording, external perspectives and being allowed to fail

We were lucky to have some people outside of our band that would give us some good honest feedback, and bring that external perspective whilst we were writing new material. Another think we covered, that I can't stress enough, is how important it should be for anyone to embrace failure, learn from it, and improve, rather than it cause backward steps.

With this being the second half of the two part episode, we now do get onto the good cause.  Not a charity, but a good cause none the less, is the bid that the city of Sunderland have for City of Culture 2021. Culture is incredibly important, and as Ross rightly said, it isn’t just something for the rich. Whether it is a specific city of culture bid, or any cultural initiatives in your local area, it is certainly something worth getting behind and supporting.


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • The Futureheads - They have stopped operating as a band now, but there are still plenty of links and videos on their website here.


  • Ross Millard - Want to find out a little more about the man himself? His website isn't updated too often, but a link non the less can be found here.


  • Sunderland City of Culture 2021 - All the information and how to get involved is here.