Episode 006

Roddy Woomble - Idlewild


Playing support slots, cutting out middle men, and having a creative space

Ben turned his excitement levels up to 11 for this episode as he headed back stage at the Sage in Gateshead to meet Roddy Woomble of Idlewild before he played a show promoting his new album solo album Deluder. 

Just when you thought Ben's photos couldn't get any more blury, he pulls this out the bag.

Just when you thought Ben's photos couldn't get any more blury, he pulls this out the bag.


As the front man in Idlewild, Roddy has played some big gigs and headlined at some impressive venues throughout their career that has so far produced 7 full length studio albums. In that time, they have also played a number of support slots. Ben talks to Roddy about the many pros and cons of these which was really interesting.

Roddy is also now a respected solo artist, which we talk about how he has gone about cutting out the various 'middle-men' as he continues life as a creative artist. Finally having a creative space was really insightful topic that we get onto with Roddy, to wrap up what was a really great episode.

We caught Roddy in-between preparing for his show that evening, and ran out of time before we could get on to the good cause for the week. We still however want to promote it, which is Amnesty International’s Give a Home, which Idlewild have performed Sofar Sounds gigs for in support of the world’s refugees. Links as always below.


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • Roddy Woomble - Roddy's personal site where you can get more details on his new album Deluder and when.


  • Idlewild - More information on Idlewild from their official website here. Look out for their upcoming 15th anniversary shows.


  • Give a Home - Amnesty International’s Give a Home campaign. This is something Idlewild have been a part of in the past, which is essentially a load of artists playing a load of shows across multiple countries in order to raise money for the world’s refugees. More info here