Episode 009

Nicola Milan - Vocal Coach


 Breathing, placing your muscles, vocal tone and conveying emotion.

This is a great episode that provides some really practical things for vocalists to start thinking about and practising. Something we could have done with back in the day!

Our favourite Aussie, Nicola Milan.

Our favourite Aussie, Nicola Milan.


Nicola has been involved in music one way or another for as long as she can remember, and her passion comes across clearly in the interview. As the vocalist in our band, I spent most of my time writing lyrics, booking gigs, or interacting with fans. All very valid things, but how much thought and effort did I give to my diaphragm I hear you ask? None. Zero. Zilch. You'd have been lucky if I could have even accurately pointed to where it was.

Whether it is tips on breathing, vocal tone, placing your muscles (which was a lesson in itself for me), or conveying emotion, this is a really great conversation that should give all you vocalists out there some things that you can instantly start doing.

I'd also highly recommend visiting Nicola's website Singers Secrets where you'll find a whole host of useful video tutorials. There's also an academy you can sign up to for those of you really dedicated to improving (more links below).

The good cause is covered this week is World Animal Protection. They highlight that of the 70 billion animals that are farmed for food each year, two thirds are kept in conditions where they can’t move freely or live naturally. From the words of Nicola, a great vocal coach, ‘give a voice to those who don’t have one’.


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • Nicola's website - Here you'll find vocal warm ups, tutorials and more!


  • Singing Techniques - All on the same website, here you can find a range of techniques on singing techniques. 


  • Nicola's Academy - Sign up today here.


  • World Animal Protection - You can find their website here