Episode 011

Joy Ike - Singer Songwriter


Promoting yourself, how much to share, and what exactly are house concerts

This week we head to Philadelphia in the USA for the first of a two part episode with singer songwriter Joy Ike where we discuss promoting yourself, how much to share, and then start the conversation about what exactly house concerts are.

The wonderfully talented Joy Ike. Get her in your life.

The wonderfully talented Joy Ike. Get her in your life.


Following on from episode 005 where Sari Delmar spoke to us from the publicist side of the music industry, it was great to hear from Joy, a successful artist, on how she follows many of those great principles. Whilst we're not saying there is a magic formula on how to promote yourself as a musician, it's becoming apparent to us that there are certain things you can do that will certainly increase your chances of drawing in listeners and creating true fans.

We encourage you all to check Joy out (links below) whether it be listening to her music, or catching her perform live.  If you like what you hear, you could even book Joy to play in your own front room. Whilst we knew that people did house concerts, both Ben and myself hadn't realised just how popular they had become, particularly in the USA, which appears to be spreading. We also knew very little about how they work. This episode starts to set the scene on what is involved, before we follow up next week in Part 2 with Joy where we delve into the specifics.

The good cause is mentioned in Part 2, however we'll still give it a worthy mention here also, which is Food for the Hungry. A poignant message from their website reads "We believe that when people are equipped to care for their most vulnerable, entire communities are lifted". This is a charity that Joy has been actively involved with, to which there is a great video on Joy's site to show the great work that they do. Links as always below. 


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • Joy's website - Here you'll find the central place for all things Joy Ike.


  • Joy's YouTube channel - If you want to cut straight to some videos, visit Joy's YouTube channel here


  • Joy's FH partner page - Watch Joy's video on Food for the Hungry here


  • Food for the Hungry - The charity's website can be found here