Episode 012

Joy Ike - Singer Songwriter


House concerts; what you need to know, how to put them on and things to watch out for.

This week we stay in Philadelphia, USA with Joy for part 2, where we get into the nuts and bolts of house concerts, how to put them on, and things to think about when both playing and hosting these great events.

The wonderfully talented Joy Ike. Get her playing live in your living room.

The wonderfully talented Joy Ike. Get her playing live in your living room.


Joy describes how house concerts tick many of the boxes that any DIY musician would look to get out of a show. This covers the social aspect, interacting with fans in a truly meaningful way, and getting paid a fair amount for the show that can make performing your art a sustainable endeavour.

Our interest is well a truly peaked. We’re ready to attend and maybe even put one on at some point in the future. Other than having the space, there isn't many barriers to getting involved. We love the whole DIY ethos behind them and can see why they're growing in popularity.

We encourage you all to check Joy out (links below) whether it be listening to her music, or catching her perform live.  If you like what you hear, you could even book Joy to play in your own front room.

The good cause is mentioned in this episode, which is Food for the Hungry. A poignant message from their website reads "We believe that when people are equipped to care for their most vulnerable, entire communities are lifted". This is a charity that Joy has been actively involved with, to which there is a great video on Joy's site to show the great work that they do. Links as always below. 


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • Joy's website - Here you'll find the central place for all things Joy Ike.


  • Joy's YouTube channel - If you want to cut straight to some videos, visit Joy's YouTube channel here


  • Joy's FH partner page - Watch Joy's video on Food for the Hungry here


  • Food for the Hungry - The charity's website can be found here


  • House Concert FAQ's - Really useful article on Joy's website can be found here