Episode 013

Mark Morriss - The Bluetones


Repartee, crowdfunding and the importance of musicians getting paid

This week we're back stage, or more accurately speaking, above stage at The Tavern in Blyth with Mark Morriss of The Bluetones. With Mark we talk about on stage repartee, crowdfunding your music and the importance of musicians getting paid.

Mark Morriss. The world's leading supporter of semolina. Also, a superb musician.

Mark Morriss. The world's leading supporter of semolina. Also, a superb musician.


Whether he is playing a solo gig, or as part of his band, Mark is superb at engaging his audience whilst on stage. He openly admits this wasn't something that he was good at from the get go, and has had to work on this to avoid those long awkward silences that can occur in-between songs.

Crowd funding is becoming ever increasingly popular for musicians to fund the production of their art, and that goes for established musicians like Mark too. We talk about how he has approached this, the benefits it can have, as well as some things he would do differently.

One of those things, was to do more house concerts as part of the fund raising. Something we hadn't realised Mark had started to do, which ties in well to our previous episode with Joy Ike on that very topic. These things are certainly becoming popular.

The good cause this week is Re-think Your Mind who run projects developed by those with experience of mental health challenges, with the purpose to creatively express well-being. Mark has played gigs and lent his support to them on numerous occasions. Links as always below. 

We alluded to the fact this was the second time we met up with Mark. The first time at the Linskill Centre in North Shields was where we found a suspiciously empty pudding shelf in his dressing room... 


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • Mark's website - Here you'll find the central place for all things Mark Morriss.


  • The Bluetones website - Still entertaining crowds across the country, their website can be found here


  • Re-Think Your Mind - The website for this week's good cause can be found here