Episode 021

Paul Langley - Tour Manager


The importance of tour management, what it involves, and who can do it.

This week we’re at the Cluny in Newcastle with the bolt of energy that is Paul Langley. With Paul we’re talking about tour management; the importance of the role, what it involves, and who can do it.

The ever-ready Paul Langley. Top bloke.

The ever-ready Paul Langley. Top bloke.


We first met Paul in his capacity as a tour manager, managing Mark Radcliffe’s tour. It became clear  that he’d make a great guest…which he did. As a man with a great deal of experience, he provides some top insight into this part of the music industry. Here we caught up with him while on the road with Fine Lines, a band that Mark plays drums with and Paul tour manages.

Paul is so well suited to this role. His energy is infectious and exactly the type of person you want in and around your dressing room, tour bus, hotel to keep the mood positive and upbeat. He is also incredibly easy to get along with and a person that you will likely remember. All important in building up relationships as you navigate the live music circuit.

The good cause is up next week in part two (where we cover one of Paul's other roles - a photographer). To give it a quick nudge here, Tinnitus GB is something that impacts many a musician, but also the various other people involved in the music business such as the roadies, stage crew, sound engineers, photographers, venue staff, the list goes on. Links below as always.


Here are some links associated to the episode:


  • Paul's Instagram - Find his snaps here. @thepaullangley


  • Fine Lines Website - The bands site can be found here.


  • Tinnitus GB - The charities website can be found here.