Episode 029

Frankie Francis - Frankie & The Heartstrings


publishing deals, opening a shop, and radio

This week Ben continues with Frankie Francis of Frankie and the Heartstrings at the Amazing Radio offices in Gateshead.

In this second of a two part episode we talk Publishing deals, opening a shop, and radio.

Amazing! Is not the word i'd use to describe Ben's attempted smile. Frankie however is.

Amazing! Is not the word i'd use to describe Ben's attempted smile. Frankie however is.


In this episode we touch more on Frankie's experiences in the other side of the music business. The Heartstrings struck a publishing deal fairly early on in their career with on of the songs being used on a Domino's Pizza commercial. Frankie talks about how they used that money to sustain themselves over a long period of time, rather than falling into the trappings of lavish rock 'n' roll style purchases.

Radio was an early passion for Frankie, which took a while for him to get into. Following episode 002 with the BBC's Mark Radcliffe, this provides insight into the workings of a commercial radio station and how to get music played on it.

The good cause for these episodes is Pop Recs. Originally a pop up shop to sell some of their own records, this quickly developed into a music and cultural hub in Sunderland which now provides a range a great services to the community. Frankie goes into more detail in this episode as to what it's all about.


Here are some links associated to the episode:

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  • Pop Recs - The shop has it's own Facebook page here.


  • Sagittarius Roadshow - See Frankie's Dad's mobile disco in action with Filed Music's video for 'You're Not Supposed To' here.