Episode 030

Rick Witter - Shed Seven


Instant Pleasures, Come Backs, Record Deals and Social Media

This week James is on the bus, literally, the tour bus of Shed Seven speaking to their lead singer Rick Witter about Instant Pleasures, comebacks, record deals and social media.

James and Rick in the bright lights of the tour bus

James and Rick in the bright lights of the tour bus


Few bands experience the levels of success that Shed Seven have worked for and enjoyed, and even fewer have such a gap in releasing new material and still make it work.

Some things remain the same for the band, in the a great producer and the backing of a label can make things feel and appear a big deal, whilst things like social media are new tools they've had to learn as society seeks the instant pleasures that they now write about.

Being in a band is a job. When it feels like a job, sometimes that can be an indicator that a few tweaks are needed. This was a great interview that packed a lot in to a short time.

The good cause for this episode is St Leonards Hospice in York. Rick commented on how cancer impacts so many, to which this charity play a pivotal role in providing care.


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  • St Leonards - The charities website can be found here.