Episode 038

Winchop - Band


Getting started in music, musicals, duo’s vs a band and forging a partnership

This week we have an ACPG first as we straddle three time zones to catch up with Gus and Wilson of Winchop, the fantastic two piece from the USA. From Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, to San Diego and North Carolina, USA...this made a great two part episode.

The fun loving Winchop in their favourite surroundings with cake and whiskey.

The fun loving Winchop in their favourite surroundings with cake and whiskey.


For many aspiring musicians, there is a common frustration that they haven't anyone in their neighbourhood, village, town or city to collaborate with. We were therefore keen to get these lads onto the show, as they do the majority of their band activity in different locations of a country.

In this 'part one', we talk about how they both got started in music, writing musicals and paradoy songs, how they first met and why they stuck with being a duo vs a full band. All of this goes toward building up the story of how they have forged a great partnership.

The good cause for this reflects the overall ethos of the podcast - which is to support the rest of the music community. This is something Winchop feel very passionate about and play an active role in.


Here are some links associated to the episode:

  • Winchop's Website - Check out the website of this dynamic duo here.


  • Whiskey Covers - Watch some great videos from the lads here.


  • Winchop Music - Perhaps you want to listen to their music. All three Winchop albums can be heard here.


  • BandMix - The dating app for musicians. Looking for musicians to collaborate with? The Band Mix website is worth a look here.