Episode 039

Winchop - Band


Getting signed, long distance collaboration, whiskey covers and interacting with other artists

This week we continue our journey through space and time for part 2 with Gus and Wilson of Winchop, the fantastic two piece from the USA.

The fun loving Winchop in their favourite surroundings with cake and whiskey.

The fun loving Winchop in their favourite surroundings with cake and whiskey.


For many aspiring musicians, a common first goal is to play a live show. One of the many things that set Winchop apart from others, is that they have never done a gig in their lives, despite being onto their third album.

We talk about the unusual way in which they were signed, which is a good lesson in taking opportunities. The way in which they make their long distance collaboration work not only proves that it can be done, but drives certain things that make them stand out such as their fantastic whiskey covers.

Winchop are big on inteacting and supporting their fellow musicians which is reflected in the regular Tasty Jams postings on social media. It's therefore great that the good cause for this week reflects this and the overall ethos of the podcast - which is to support the rest of the music community.


Here are some links associated to the episode:

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