Season 1

Here you can find every episode of season 1. Enjoy!


ACPG 040: Season 1 Outro Episode - Ben and James - talk about the journey so far and what's next. 24/07/18


ACPG 039: Winchop (Part 2) - Band - talk getting signed, long distance collaboration, whiskey covers and interacting with other artists. 17/07/18


ACPG 038: Winchop (Part 1) - Band - talk getting started in music, musicals, duo’s vs a band and forging a partnership. 10/07/18


ACPG 037: Stacey Kehoe (Part 2) - Digital Marketing Entrepreneur - talks marketing content; creating, scheduling, re-purposing, hashtaging and analytics. 03/07/18


ACPG 036: Stacey Kehoe (Part 1) - Digital Marketing Entrepreneur - talks marketing mistakes, having clear objectives, testing your market. 26/06/18


ACPG 035: David Wilson (Part 2) - Video Director - talks Arcade Fire; his relationship with them, collaboration, age gaps, and shooting videos. 19/06/18


ACPG 034: David Wilson (Part 1) - Video Director - talks all things music videos, including; getting started, building a reputation, working with big bands and common challenges. 12/06/18


ACPG 033: Jon Higgs - Everything Everything - talks moving cities, videos, identity, touring, licencing music. 05/06/18


ACPG 032: Adam French - Singer Songwriter - talks transitioning from band to solo artist, scams, the early days of a deal, and playing in Botswana. 29/05/18


ACPG 031: Frank Turner - Singer Songwriter - talks playing live, philosophy, and what success looks like. 22/05/18


ACPG 030: Rick Whitter - Shed 7 - talks instant pleasures, come backs, record deals and social media. 15/05/18


ACPG 029: Frankie Francis - Frankie and the Heartstrings - talks publishing deals, opening a shop, and radio. 08/05/18


ACPG 028: Frankie Francis - Frankie and the Heartstrings - talks forming a band, investing in a band, and band identity. 01/05/18


ACPG 027: Duncan Lloyd - Maximo Park - talks song writing, writers block and writing songs for live audiences. 24/04/18


ACPG 026: Jamie McCredie - Band Leader - talks mastering your equipment, band leaders, and playing the west end. 17/04/18


ACPG 025: Jamie McCredie - Band Leader - talks replicating things you hear on the guitar, moving to a big city and being professional. 10/04/18


ACPG 024: Jamie McCredie - Band Leader - talks learning the guitar; covering self-study vs formal education. 03/04/18


ACPG 023: Willy Mason - Singer Songwriter - talks intimate venues, song writing, recording, and building relationships. 27/03/18


ACPG 022: Paul Langley - Photographer - talks the importance of a good photo, why to use a professional and what musicians should consider. 20/03/18


ACPG 021: Paul Langley - Tour Manager - talks the importance of tour management, what it involves, and who can do it. 13/03/18


ACPG 020: Shopping - Band - talk band ethos and decision making, self-releasing vs label and control over image. 06/03/18


ACPG 019: Mike Livesley (Part 2) - Pedal Maker - talks pedal combinations, software emulation and multi effects boxes. 27/02/18


ACPG 018: Mike Livesley (Part 1) - Pedal Maker - talks about his fascination with guitar pedals, building them, and why musicians want to use them. 20/02/18


ACPG 017: Nick Helm - Comedian and Songwriter - talks song writing for TV shows, cramming detail into short songs, and how to start the song writing process. 13/02/18


ACPG 016: Kathryn Williams - Singer Songwriter - talks song writing for yourself vs. others, song writing classes and stage fright. 06/02/18


ACPG 015: Pete Dale (Part 2) - Musician & Ex label Owner - talks vinyl, the costs of releasing a single, and the time involved in running a record label. 30/01/18


Episode 014: Pete Dale (Part 1) - Musician & Ex label Owner - talks the benefits of self-releasing music, the importance of physical song releases, choosing which acts are on a label, and label identity. 23/01/18


Episode 013: Mark Morriss - The Bluetones - talks repartee, crowdfunding and the importance of musicians getting paid. 16/01/18


Episode 012: Joy Ike (Part 2) - Singer Songwriter - talks house concerts; what you need to know, how to put them on and things to watch out for. 09/01/18


Episode 011: Joy Ike (Part 1) - Singer Songwriter - talks promoting yourself, how much to share, and what exactly are house concerts. 02/01/18


Episode 010: Mr B - The Gentleman Rhymer - talks creating and living a persona, DIY management and tailored merchandise. 26/12/17


Episode 009: Nicola Milan - Vocal Coach, talks breathing, placing your muscles, vocal tone and conveying emotion. 19/12/17


Episode 008: Mark Duffett - Chester University, talks being a star, being a fan, entertaining people, ideas and values and collaboration. 12/12/17


Episode 007: Mark Duffett - Chester University, talks tradition, consistent image, being memorable, playing your audience as an instrument and using your music. 05/12/17


Episode 006: Roddy Woomble - Idlewild, talks support slots, middle men, and having a creative space. 28/11/17


Episode 005: Sari Delmar - Concord Music Group, talks how to promote your music, publicists, having a story and vision, and being unique. 21/11/17


Episode 004: Ross Millard (Part 2) - The Futureheads, talks set lists, recording, record labels and being allowed to fail. 21/11/17


Episode 003: Ross Millard (Part 1) - The Futureheads, talks forming a band, practice, being honest and band manifestos. 14/11/17


ACPG 002: Mark Radcliffe - BBC 6 Music, talks radio, demos and Glastonbury. 14/11/17


Episode 001: Paul Smith - Maximo Park, talks song writing, stage craft and image. 14/11/17


Episode 000: Introductory Episode - With Ben and James, talking about why we've setup the podcast. 01/11/17


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