There's a variety of places that you can listen to the podcast. If you subscribe, then you'll get an automatic feed to your device as soon as a new episode is released. Remember, the best part is that each episode is free. Here are just some of the many places our podcast is now available...

Note that the links may vary in some countries and regions. Try searching within your preferred podcast application or get in touch if you have any problems.


From a desktop or laptop computer - You can find us on iTunes here. When the page loads, click on the blue 'View in iTunes' button, then on the left hand side of the screen that follows, select 'subscribe'.

From an iPhone or iPad - Open Apple's Podcasts app, search 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' and then select our logo which should be the first search result. Then you just need to select the purple 'Subscribe' button.



You can find us on Stitcher here. Alternatively, download their iOS or Android app and search for Anyone Can Play Guitar.

Stitcher is an on-demand Internet radio service that focuses on news and information radio and podcasts.


You can find us on TuneIn here.

TuneIn is an audio streaming service delivering live news, radio, and sports, in addition to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, to an audience of over 60 million monthly active users worldwide.


Overcast FM

You can find us on Overcast FM here.

Overcast FM is a powerful yet simple podcast player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.



You can find us on CastBox here, as well as on the Apple and Android app stores for mobile.

Easily search for and find any podcast, on-demand radio, and audiobook to discover the most relevant informational or inspirational spoken audio stories.


iHeart Radio

You can find us on iHeart Radio here

iHeartRadio is a radio network and Internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia that have a number of radio and podcast feeds.


Manual Download

If your podcast app of choice is not listed above, you can manually add our podcast feed by using our RSS feed -